My father, Clifton Hutto, originally started the family business out of our apartment back in October of 1948. He took a correspondence course for servicing household washers and kitchen appliances and also did work for all the local beer distributors. I began working in the business around 1964.

   Towards the end of the 60's I talked my father into pursuing the commercial refrigeration and icemaker service field. This was a major shift, which eventually lead to our departure from the residential field. Today, we focus 100% of our efforts on the commercial refrigeration/icemaker field and are consistently adding new customers through sales, service calls, and icemaker leases.

   In the 60+ years that we have been in business we have come to learn that the best customer service starts with the basics: Experience and a desire to please. Our 120+ years of combined experience puts us in a strong position to have the necessary knowledge so that we can give the type of professional attention that our customers have become accustomed to.


   In addition, we have met and established lasting business relationships with people that we have not only come to know as customers, but more importantly as friends. It is nice to have customers, but customer-friends are better. It is because of these customer-friends that we have been been able to be in business this long.

    Over the years we have done it all - from small under counter coolers to refrigerating over a 3 acre warehouse food distribution center for Food Lion in Eloree, S.C. to the complete erection and installation of a -40 degree walk-in freezer for a blood plasma center, installation of all refrigeration equipment for a grocery store along with servicing -80 C freezers and other related refrigeration equipment for various medical facilities. Our refrigeration expertise is wide based and is here to meet whatever your refrigeration needs are.

   The facts speak for themselves. We are not only the oldest and largest commercial refrigeration and ice maker sales and service company in the tri-county area, but we are also one of the most experienced. Whatever your commercial refrigeration needs are there is only one choice: Hutto Refrigeration Sales & Service, LLC.

Francis C. Hutto